The Fallen Angel

The project The Fallen Angel explores the phenomenon of the so-called war souvenirs produced by Bosnian craftsmen, who transform artillery shells into vases through traditional metalworking techniques. The shell-vases seem to be the only true solution for many people to deal with their own personal tragedy – they express people’s inner conflicts and feelings by […]

Kupujmo svoje! [Let us buy ours!]

Concerned with issues of survival economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the war, this project presents examples of the current economic chain of products, vendors, markets. It t is visualizing consequences of the past war as well as the country’s current socio-political conditions. The end of the communist era opened up a new unexplored market […]

Trouble Shooters

Times Square, a place where the expression of the capital flow seems to reach its culmination point, represents one of the most spectacular places in New York City. Conversely, the informal economy also shapes a part of its identity. Some street vendors have been working in the area of Times Square since 18 years and […]