Unity. Textile Muqarnas

“Unity” is a textile structure based on Islamic muqarnas (stalactite-like decorative three-dimensional elements found in Islamic monuments) designed by Azra Akšamija and Joel Lamere. The structure is hung from the neo-Gothic archway of the exhibition’s entrance. The modular structure of the muqarnas has transformed and sewn together into a complex whole — unity of forms […]

Cultural Transfers

The project consist of a range of different signs that address both the ongoing societal polarization in regard to the presence and visibility of Muslims, ethnic minorities and immigrants in Western Europe.  The project reacts to the sign language used in diverse anti-mosque posters and protests prompted by an increased visibility of Muslims in European […]


Islamic prayer space within the Islamic Cemetery Altach: Qibla wall and prayer rugs The first Islamic Cemetery in Vorarlberg, Austria, opened on June 2, 2012, nine years since the first idea for the project. Located in the municipality of Altach, along the road L190 between Hohenems and Götzis, the cemetery serves all Islamic communities from […]

Digesting Dayton

This interactive installation in the form of a buffet was  set up as a part of the event “[Boston] Intercultural Mixer: Discover Bosnia” at American Islamic Congress (AIC) in Boston, USA. All attendees were invited to participate. A map of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been sown onto the tablecloth. The food was arranged along the […]