Future Heritage Collection #1

The Future Heritage Collection [FHC] is a collection of stories about heritage that provide different perspectives on its origins, its past, present or future politics and relevance, and contemporary threats. FHC #1 is comprised of stories collected though interviews with ‘experts’ on varied subjects including Islamic manuscripts, Egyptian architecture, and the memory of the Holocaust. Interviewees are […]

Museum Solidarity Lobby [MSL]

Museum Solidarity Lobby [MSL] is a system that creates empathy with threatened heritage worldwide, while critically reflecting on the role and relevance of the museum for civil society today. The system is open to public participation and operates though spatial, activist and discursive forms of lobbying.  MSL grew out of the acute crisis of chief […]

CultureShutdown / Solidarity Day

On October 4, 2012, after 124 years of existence, the country’s National Museum closed down due to the government’s failure to secure legal status and adequate funding. Six other state-level institutions, including the National Art Gallery and the National and University Library are also about to become permanently inaccessible to public. The safety of precious […]


Mashrabiya is a hybrid architectural element revealing the shifting cultural, historical and political dimensions in light of cultural globalization, foregrounding thereby the notion of identity as a process of constant flux and cultural exchange. Mashrabiya is a spiritual, decorative, and functional architectural element that merges the form and function of the Islamic window screen with […]